Current Members

Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Keren Nevo-Dinur

Graduate Students

  • ¬†Craig Kerr (Ph.D.) NSERC PGSD (2014-2017), UBC 4YF (
    • examining viral-host interactions of RNA viruses by proteomic approaches


  • Jibin Sadasivan (PhD student) SERB-UBC Scholarship (2016-2020)
    • Characterization of stress granule modulation during virus infection
  • Nichalle Brito (MSc student)
    • Identification of cell host substrates of RNA virus proteases
  • Mathew Kirby (MSc student)
    • 5’UTR translational control mechanisms that direct cell fate determination
  • Jasmine LiBrubacher (MSc student)
  • Reid Warsaba (MSc student)
    • Role of RNA modifications during cellular stress and virus infection
  • Daniel Andrews (MSc student) NSERC PGSM (2018)
  • Sun Di (Chinese Visiting PhD Student)

Undergraduate Students

  • Dora Xiong (Work Learn Student)
  • Milagros Sempere (4th year directed studies student)
  • Helen Tran (4th year directed studies student)
  • Clara Heimburger (German visiting student)
  • Morris Young (Undergraduate Volunteer Student)
  • Gina Multani (Undergraduate Volunteer Student)



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